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—  DINNER  —


Spanish Octopus Carpaccio* · 16
poached thin sliced octopus, watermelon radish, heirloom cherry tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, avocado crema, cilantro oil

Bison Tartar* · 12
caper, shallot, chive, lemon, smoke cured egg yolks, lavash

Oysters* · Mkt PRICE
6 or 12 — berry mignionette, lemon

Colorado Goat Cheese · 12
herb whipped goat cheese, jalapeno jelly, lavash

Grilled Artichoke · 12
roasted garlic marinated, drawn butter, arugula salad


Duck Confit and Watermelon · 18
watermelon ceviche, pickled watermelon rind, Arnold Palmer vinaigrette, humbolt fog cheese, chicharron crouton

Turnip and Mixed Berries · 13
grilled turnips, seasonal berries, mixed greens, spiced sunflower seeds, Colorado goat cheese, cherry vinaigrette

Smoked Colorado Trout* · 16
chilled trout, mixed greens, crisp pancetta, candied marcona almonds, foie gras crema, tarragon vinaigrette


Lobster Angel Hair Pasta · 28
heirloom cherry tomatoes, roasted yellow tomato, basil, garlic, chili flake, lemon, shell stock

Pan Seared Scallops* · 32
Maine scallops, turnip rhubarb puree, heirloom cherry tomato, spiced sunflower seeds, cherry gastrique

Wild Boar Tortellini · 28
truffle and braised boar filling, balsamic cream sauce, arugula and heirloom cherry tomato salad

Lobster Roll · 26
butter poached Maine lobster, green onion, parsley, toasted bun

Oven Roasted Quail* · 30
charred carrots, whipped turnip and potato, rosemary pan sauce, pomegranate gel

Pan Seared Duck Breast* · 32
white corn pancetta grits, foie gras crema, succotash, berries



Elk Strip  $44
8oz Western Canada

Lamb Sirloin  $32
8oz New Zealand

Bison Tomahawk  $50
24oz Rock River Ranch

Venison Rack  $48
10oz New Zealand

Bison Filet  $38
8oz Rock River Ranch


Grapefruit Brussel Sprouts
Charred Baby Carrots
Bacon Potato Ragout
White Corn Pancetta Grits

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.


Mixed Berry Goat Cheese Tart · 9
Colorado goat cheese, mixed berry swirl, walnut graham cracker crust, berry dust

Flourless Chocolate Cake · 9
espresso mascarpone, almond chocolate ganache, dark chocolate shavings, candied cherries

Basil Crème Brulee · 9
candied marcona almond, lemon zest, aged balsamic

Ice Cream and Sorbet · 6
jalapeño lime sorbet